‘Tifozat Kuq e Zi’ in English

Tifozat Kuq e Zi (the Red and Black Supporters) was formed on 25 December 2003 by Albanians from all-over Ethnic Albania and the Diaspora to support the Albanian National Football team. We are proud to bring together Albanians, from ethnic territories including, the Republic of Albania, the Republic of Kosova, FYROM, Montenegro, and Greece in support of those men and women that represent the Albanian National Flag or those that aspire to do so in any sport. We have a strong presence in most European countries including U.S.A. and Australia, wherever there is a strong Albanian Diaspora. We continually pursue all activities and methods that advance Albanian sport anywhere in the world.

Tifozat Kuq e Zi (TKZ) are independent of any political interference in any shape or form. This is the most important principle when TKZ mobilizes its financial or other resources. We cooperate and remain open to further cooperation with other supporter groups, associations or individuals on issues related to the development of sport in general.

TKZ is responsible for breaking the world record for the size of a national flag displayed in a sporting event. On 9 February 2005 before the kick-off against Ukraine for the WC qualifiers, TKZ unfolded in the stands a 103.5 by 35 meter, 360 kg weighing flag while the Albanian national anthem was being played.

The flag is under the custody of the Jashari Family of Prekaz, Republic of Kosova since 16 February, 2008 for their ultimate sacrifice and contribution to the Independence of Kosova.

Our motto is “O sa mirë me qenë Shqiptar” which means “It’s good to be an Albanian”. The motto has been adopted in many songs, most prominently in Albanian’ by Etno Engjujt and ‘O Sa Mire Qe Jam Shqiptar’ by Gezim Nika.

For more information you can contact Tifozat Kuq e Zi at [email protected].

Gramoz Palushi – Our martyr

Our history has had its bad moments as well. On 4 September, TKZ member, Gramoz Palushi was stabbed to death in the Greek town of Zakynthos, while celebrating Albania’s WC qualifier victory (2:1) over the at-the-time European Champions, Greece.

The game was played in Qemal Stafa National Football Stadium in Tirana, Albania on September 4, 2004, the first game for the FIFA WC2006 qualifications. Of course, the “democratic” Greeks enjoyed a different treatment when celebrating in Portugal their victory over the same Portugal.